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26 August 2007 @ 09:15 pm
ok. today couldn't have been better. i feel like posting just because i feel like today was the last official day of summer, and it needs to be on the record. woke up, listened to car talk as i made banana walnut cinnamon heart sparkle cupcakes. jen vaf came to my house, we went to the lake, had a picnic, drank fizzy lemonades, ate lots of veggie tomato dishes, flew kites, lost the kites in power lines, ran after the kites, tangled up all the strings, came to my house, jen found free white boots in my size, got weird 60s crap for rothsd1, jen talked to my sister about brown and we all drank jasmine tea, watched deuce bigelow with my mom, and then i found my favourite jeans from freshman year of high school and they fit again! yes! someone please tell me when light wash flared jeans with unicorn embroidered pockets are in again...or if they were ever in.

on that note, i went through all my party clothes from high school. up for grabs if anyone wants: lots of sequined shrugs, lots of mini skirts, lots of charlotte russe sundresses. most things were probably worn once or twice in sleazy european discos. this may make them more or less useful to you. let me know. xooxoxxo
Current Music: francoise hardy
staydown on August 31st, 2007 12:07 am (UTC)
i wanna wear clothes from sleazy european discos

anyways, glad to hear that you are having some fun
are you still in california? if so, for how long?
anyways, gimme a call or something, ill try giving you a call sometime,
miss you, ben
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